The star of the event, the canoe is surprisingly simple and

quick to construct.





Length: 5metres

Beam:  80cm

Weight: c25kg

canoe varnished
Canoe panels link together
Canoe during build
canoe being built

Built from ply wood, using a stitch and glue technique, the elegant lines of the boat rapidly take shape. The fittings the are added in hard woods, and the canoe is coated and sealed using epoxy resin.


The build is methodical and broken into easy to follow steps that require no specialist tools or skills. We provide all the materials and equipment, so all you have to do is turn up.


The end result is a tandem canoe that is stable and fun to paddle. There is enough stowage to carry kit for multi day trips, or for picnic hampers and pets. Portaging and loading onto roof bars is easily manageable for two people.